Recession Proofing Your Small Business: How to Use the Internet to Survive and Thrive!

Interested in recession proofing your small or local business? Good. Then read on. What I’m about to tell you could radically change the way you do business right now, and change your future expectation to a much brighter one. And the great thing is, in a cash-strapped economy, it won’t cost you a lot of money, either. But first, a bit of background…Small Business and the “Great Recession”While many compare the “Great Recession” we’re living through today to it’s far worse “big brother” (the Great Depression), there are many key differences. Fortunately, as bad as it has been for so many, it’s not nearly as bad – across the board – as it was back then. Perhaps the single most important difference is this: the economy of the world is much more robust today, with thousands more industries and trades than existed over 75 years ago. It isn’t entirely dependent on agriculture and just a few key industries, as it was back then.Most experts feel that the recession is really more about the collapse of a debt-fueled bubble than a fundamental crisis in the system as a whole, and it won’t last forever. That’s the good news. The bad news, of course, is that many are still hurting and the prospects are far from rosy for the time being.If you’ve got a small or local business, you’ve probably been feeling the pinch – and for a while now. But never fear! You’re about to learn of a low-cost way to drastically increase your profitability in the short term, and recession proof your business now and forever.In the era of our parents and grandparents, it was local business that employed most Americans. The same holds true today. The big guys get bailouts and government subsidies, after all. The small businesses have to just roll up their sleeves and work even harder. In order for all of us to rebound from this horrible economic crisis, it is the small businesses that will shoulder more than their fair share – as they always do. The big guys make the news, but it’s the local and small businesses that are the backbone of America.Recession and Recovery: Technology to the Rescue!Most experts now feel this deep recession won’t be like the the Great Depression, and the circumstances are very different. A greater understanding of macroeconomics, more thorough monetary control and far more advanced technology has radically changed the cultural, political and business landscape.What we take for granted today was not even a dream for people back in the early part of the last century – and it provides the small business person an opportunity that is unparalleled in human history, too. Used properly, this new technology can not only help small businesses survive the difficult business climate, but actually thrive during it – and even more so afterward.What is this miraculous technology I’m talking about? Why, the Internet, of course.And what is this unprecedented opportunity that is, in fact, staring you in the face at this very moment? Again, it’s the Internet! Because unless you’re one of a very small minority that is already doing so, you simply are not using the Internet to it’s full potential. And you’re leaving a lot of money on the table – every day!In short, I can’t say it more clearly: For the smart businessperson, now is the time to act. Exploit this opening to both recession proof your business and ensure your future success. But don’t wait, because this chance will never come your way again!Recession Proofing Your Business for Total Local Market DominationImagine what it would be like to totally dominate your local marketplace. Think about what it would be like if every time somebody went to look for the product or service you have online, they found you? Imagine how cool it would be if your phone started ringing off the hook without the need for spending thousands of dollars on Yellow Pages and newspapers ads, flyers and circulars, mailers, radio and TV spots, etc.. Imagine life with the orders pouring in and the cash register ringing? Sounds great, doesn’t it?The good news is, it can be done. It’s no pipe dream, and it is being done by forward thinking businesses right now, all across the country. In fact, as more and more “local search” moves from the phone book to the computer and even mobile devices, it’s a reality you had better adjust to if you hope to remain competitive during the recession – and into the increasingly Internet-driven future.Taking the right actions now will enable you to ride out the rest of this bad economic storm with relative ease. But beyond that, it can give you an incredible advantage for some time to come – one that few local businesses will understand or will even seek to emulate until you are well established and the competition becomes very fierce. For you, right now, the odds are the field is wide open. But it won’t be forever…Because one thing is certain. It was thus back in the Great Depression, and it’s the same now: Those who fail to adapt are soon overtaken by events. In fact, many perish. It’s a truism that will probably never change, so long as mankind continues to innovate and create new technologies. And with the rate of technological change and innovation occurring today, you can’t afford to fool around.The Local Business (Cybernetic) Land RushThere’s an old saw from the real estate game: The Good Lord isn’t making more land. Well, interestingly enough, it applies to the “unlimited” terrain of the Internet, too. Why? Because there’s only a limited amount of “Internet Real Estate” for any particular search term, whether that be “plastic surgeon New York,” “mechanic in the Bronx” or something else.That prime piece of real estate is called Page One of Google. There are only 10 “parcels” of land there that are worth owning (i.e. the top ten listings for any particular search term). Everything else is virtually worthless, and you don’t want your business lost in “no man’s land,” do you?Put simply, you must make sure your business is on Page One (and preferably in the top position), for the relevant terms your customers are searching for – either online or on their mobile devices. When you do that, your struggles with marketing, acquiring leads and finding customers (or having them find you) are over. And as I have stressed here several times already, now is the time to take action, because most of your competitors are asleep at the switch. But the won’t remain that way forever…You need to have a properly built website (and mobile website too), and you need to have a Google Maps listing as well (if at all possible). With the right information and know how, all this can happen in a matter of months, if not weeks. It won’t cost you a fraction of what you’re spending on other forms of media. It has far better “legs” too. And once you own a piece of that prime real estate, you will see a huge increase in business. The “Great Recession,” for you, will then be over. For good.Mark my words: if you don’t seize the opportunity now, while the “land is cheap” and the “gettin’ is good,” you’re going to regret it till the end of your days. In the near future those “10 parcels” are going to be dear, and you don’t want to wait until then.Want to recession proof your business? Now you know how.

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